Sukkot Creations

As the Shteelimers (PreK – K) think about how the Israelites felt wondering through bamidbar, they paint their interpretation of the desert and all its wonderful colors: “sandy colors like yellow and white and tan… Hot colors like red and orange…”

The Nitzanimers (1st – 2nd) continue The Sukkah Challenge and their explorations of which materials would be best, light weight for traveling, and easily disassembled for travel. Some children, too, considered rabbinic instructions for building sukkot: at least three walls, a ceiling (סכך schach) made of natural materials but thin enough to see the stars and to have protection from the rain too. Many possibilities to try and retry:

“I wonder what we could do with this recycled plastic tube… Maybe we could stick it to the side of our sukkot and have it reach to the sky so our Sukkot food can go to God… Or we could cut a hole in our sukkah and hand a sign that says ‘Free’ so when poor people pass by our sukkah they can have some of our food. This tube is for homeless people…”


Shteelimers (PreK- K) continued their exploration by building two-dimensional sukkot. Some used pictures for inspiration, some had their own ideas, some made an aerial view of their sukkot (“from Gods view, from the sky”).

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