What Will You Take With You?

You are a slave in Egypt. It’s awful! You have to work SO hard! You dream about being free: free to play games with your friends, free to have Shabbat dinner you’re your family. Suddenly Pharaoh says you can go. Hurry! You’ve got to leave quickly before Pharaoh changes his mind! You can’t take everything with you. What’s the most important thing you’ll take with you as you leave Egypt?

Four Snippets From Our Drawings & Conversation

  • {Boy 3:} Do you know why I chose water? So I can make stuff so I could carry stuff easier, like [I could make] a wheel out of clay.
  • {Boy 1:} Food. In case I get hungry. {Boy 2:} But you’ll have to take a lot of it to share. {Boy 1, emphatically:} I  will share!
  • {Girl 1:} My special rosebush seedling…so it won’t die in the desert. Because I love flowers and roses and pretty things like that. {Boy 2:} Yeah, we need trees for good air! {Girl 1:} Yeah, when we get to the Promised Land we’ll need to plant trees. Also [I’m taking my rosebush seedling] so wherever I go it will look pretty.
  • {Boy 4:} My stuffed animal and my Legos. {Boy 2:} That’s what I’m taking!

A sukkah in process.

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