Conversations To Continue

We do a lot of imagining and sharing ideas while we work.

Today, while we challenged ourselves to build a sukkah that would be lightweight and portable (e.g., able to be carried by Israelites במדבר bamidbar – in the wilderness), children expressed several ideas worth revisiting:

  • “That’s strange. Why do we have Sukkot before Pesach? We have a holiday of the Israelites [wandering] bamidbar before we have a holiday of them leaving Egypt.”
  • “[If the Israelites carried their sukkot] it would be a lot of weight on their backs, like they were still slaves.”
  • “Maybe the Israelites could take enough supplies with them to build a different sukkah every night. They could leave it behind and come back to it.”
  • (Many children talking quickly:) “They could use a car.” “No, there’s weren’t cars.” “A camel – they could find one.” “No, they didn’t have camels.” “Forty years!”

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