The שׁוֹפָר (Shofar) Reminds Us

Today we heard the sound of the שׁוֹפָר (shofar). Later, we made sounds with several different instruments as well as by moving our hands through rocks, shells, and dried leaves from last year’s lulavim (branches we shake on the holiday of Sukkot).

What sound would you use as a reminder to use kind words?


“I’d use the leaves, because they make a kind and gentle sound. Or the tambourine, because it sounds like a shofar.”

“I’d use the rocks or the wood block or the tambourine because they make a loud noise to make you be quiet and not use bad words. It’s like, ‘Hey, stop touching my stuff!'”

“But the loud noise is like hurting other people’s feelings. People might not pay attention to you if you’re yelling. The shofar may be loud, but it reminds you of good things.”

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