Exploring Shapes of Letters

There are lots of ways to explore the shapes of different Hebrew letters.

The child below, through one-on-one interaction with his teacher two weeks ago, learned how to stencil in the letters of his name. The teacher helped him put the letters in order by moving the stencil for him.

One week letter, the boy approached his teacher with something to share: he had stencilled in the letters of his name again, only this time, on his own!


The girl below found the letter “peh”, a remnant from our Pesach unit. She noticed there was a lot of lamination around the letter, so she decided she wanted to cut along the shape of the letter.

These children saw the letters of the Alef Bet up on the wall and thought to themselves “Well, we gotta color them in!”

Every Shorashim child comes into the classroom with his or her individual set of cognitive and motor skill abilities. Some children are able to learn the letters of their name; others are still working to remember and interact with individual letters. Either way, it is important to provide each child with a range of options for interacting with the letters, in a way that is appropriate for each child’s skill set.

Even if our Shorashimers still aren’t developmentally able to recognize all the letters of the Alef Bet, it is important that we develop a love of learning and playing with the letters at an early age. This passion was evident last week when one Shorashim girl remarked, seemingly out of nowhere, “I love Hebrew!”

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