Jun 04

Deciding Where to Give Our Tzedakah

Which organizations should receive our tzedakah money? Should we give to Jewish organizations, or to ones that give out stickers?


Three children checked out organizations that care for animals and nature. They read the organizations’ mission statements. They decided on the Nature Conservancy. As one boy summarized, “This one [NRDC] only helps polar bears. This one [PAWS] only helps dogs and cats. But this one [Nature Conservancy] helps animals, trees, and animal habitats.”

Another three children, looking through materials from organizations that deal with hunger, decided that as long as the organizations gave both to Jews and non-Jews, it didn’t matter which organization they chose. The children used “rock, paper, scissors” to decide on Heifer International.


Then we counted the tzedakah in each jar in Hebrew and wrote the totals in Hebrew.

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