Corn Flour Makes Cornbread – Shavuot, Part 2

Last week, we learned about how the story of Ruth that we read on Shavuot is about chessed — Ruth does chessed for Naomi by gathering barley for her. To act this out, we gathered our own “pretend” grain and ground it using a steel mill into coarse flour.

This week we capped off the project by baking cornbread for everybody using corn flour.

We didn’t use our corn flour we ground last week due to health (and gustatory!) concerns, but we made sure to have it out so the kids could compare the corn we ground to machine-ground corn and remember the hard work they put into grinding the flour.


Pouring out the corn flour…

Carrying the cornbread to the kitchen! “We’re baking here every day,” one boy says.

Nitzanim shared the cornbread that Shorashim made for our second kibbud of the day. That’s an act of chessed!

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