Welcoming A Guest

Nitzanim wanted to be like Avraham and Sarah, welcoming guests into their tent. On Monday, they prepared to welcome a guest into Beit Nitzanim, our Nitzanim home.

We reviewed what a host does: who will greet our guest? what would you like to ask our guest? show her in Beit Nitzanim? We were definitely ready.

But then our guest came while we were in Yetzirah, fully engrossed in our work. A few children greeted our guest, but felt too shy to continue.

We left Yetzirah and sat down together so our guest could read a story. She read A Chair for My Mother, by Vera Williams. And suddenly the children had so much to share with our guest: ideas about the difference between “want” and “need,” about giving 10% of our money to tzedakah, debating whether the family in the book was poor or not, and about what the rabbis long ago said that even poor people should give tzedakah. And our guest had lots of ideas to share, too.

When the story was over, children recalled what they might say to friends at the end of a playdate, and two children asked,”Could you come visit us again soon?”

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