Tzedakah Play: Coins and Shapes

This week in Shorashim we learned about Tzedakah by playing with it.

We have our own REAL tzedakah that we have been playing with, putting in our Tzedakah jar, and counting… not-so-secretly thanks to YOUR help, the parents, for reminding your kids to collect money and bring it back to Shorashim. =)

We have also been playing with “pretend” Tzedakah. (In this picture, the kids are excited to practice their cutting skills.) Our “pretend” Tzedakah has the letters of the word Tzedakah on it in Hebrew. Our kids been using the pretend Tzedakah to buy food for Doobie (who, surprise, is still sick!). What a great way to practice using Tzedakah!

If you think the pretend Tzedakah would be a great educational toy to add to your basket/bin/closet of toys at home, let a Moreh/Morah know and we will gladly hand off a clean, brand-spanking-new sheet of pretend Tzedakah money for your child to color, cut, and laminate. (No laminator? Well thankfully we have one! Let us know in advance and we will set it up for you.)

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