Changes in Shorashim for Tzedakah vaChessed

There have been some changes to our learning environment in Beit Shorashim. We have added a Bikur Cholim area (taking care of the sick), and constructed Ohel Avraham v’Sarah (Tent of Avraham and Sarah) which is modeled after the Torah story of Genesis 18:1-8. In this story, Avraham and Sarah welcome passing visitors as guests in their home.

Both of these additions will help the kids engage with the idea of חסד (Chessed).

Bikur Cholim: Taking care of the sick. Dubi is sick. We are going to take care of him by feeding him medicine, calling his family, reading him a story, and making him a quilt!

Ohel Avraham v’Sarah: the tent of Avraham and Sarah. It’s good to welcome guests and do the things that Avraham did: feed them, give them water, wash their feet and invite them to recline in the shade.

Tzedakah play: We will learn about the words Tzedakah and Chesed (right), and also create and play with our very own tzedakah money (left).

Pinat Kteiva: Writing corner. Various activities that will encourage Shorashimers to engage with the Hebrew letters of the words Tzedakah and Chessed.

There are lots of different ways to learn about Tzedakah vaChessed in Beit Shorashim this unit! Feel free to come in and explore with your child.

Also, please remind your kids to continue picking up spare change they find and sending it back to the Jewish Enrichment Center in their change purses. We are collecting the change and putting it in our very own Shorashim Tzedakah Jar!

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