Apr 16

חסד (Chessed) Teachable Moments

To do חסד (chessed), children need to grow in awareness of how their actions affect other people.

Here are three things we did today to help children develop skills for doing חסד.

1. We played parachute games, mostly in Hebrew. It took all of us working together to have fun and play safely.

2. Later, when a Nitzanimer made fun of someone, we paused our Torah story and had a group discussion about how we feel when someone in our group uses unkind words.

3. When we acted out Avraham and Sarah’s kindness towards three strangers who passed by their tent (Genesis 18:1-8), we had a light-hearted discussion about how to include everyone’s ideas in our play. It took several minutes and much laughter before children finally understood that they couldn’t hear another child’s ideas if they always answered for their friend.

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