Mar 30

Tasting the Pesach Story

This week, Nitzanim children tasted two symbols of the Pesach story: כרפס (karpas – parsley), and מרור (maror – bitter horseradish). (The words are two of our key words for learning מה נשתנה Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions!)


We charted our ideas about what these symbols taste like.

Then we identified where in the Pesach story we find these ideas. A few of the children’s ideas were:

  • “כרפס (karpas) tastes new and good, like the burning bush. It was something no one had ever seen before.”
  • “מרור (maror) is bad. It reminds us of how bad Pharaoh was not to let them go.”
  • “מרור (maror) is a root. Roots need water to grow, so it reminds us of the famine that brought the Israelites to Egypt.”

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