Pesach Play: Student-Led Storytelling in Shorashim

This week in Shorashim we engaged with the images and objects of Passover.

We learned about the seder plate and played with seder plate puzzles:

We’re learning about the shapes of the seder plate.

We ate and played with karpas (parsley):

I made a parsley mustache!

We played a matching game with objects from the Seder:

I found a match!!!

We read stories to our friends:

“We drink cups at the seder and eat matzah,” says boy.

Here, Shorashimers “read” the book P is for Passover by Tanya Lee Stone to their friends.

To do this, they look at the page and, using their own words, explain what is happening. By verbalizing the story to their friends, they engage with Passover content on their own terms and share this with the rest of their friends.

What a wonderful way to help each other learn!

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