Mar 25

QR Code Basics

“QR Code” stands for “quick response.” It’s a box with code embedded to take you straight to a website, or a phone number, or even just text. I like them because they’re a quick way to transfer information, save paper, and can be scanned when your schedule permits.

To scan a QR code, you’ll need a scanner app for your mobile phone.

Simply open the app and point your phone’s camera to the QR box. The scanner will take care of the rest. Voila!

Need a scanner app? Here are some suggestions:

  • Android – Barcode Scanner, by Zxing (search “barcode scanner” in your phone’s Android Market).
  • iPhone – Scan, by QR Code City (search “scan” in your phone’s iTunes store), or QRafter by Kerem Erkan (search QRafter)
  • Blackberry – QR Code Scanner Pro (Search “QR Reader” in App World).
  • Windows Phones – QuickMark, by SDK API


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