Playing Together

Today Nitzanim visited Beit Shorashim, the Nursery 3 – Pre-K room. We had a blast! Using the props in Shorashim, we had a spontaneous פסח (Pesach – Passover) seder, with children ages 3 – 7 playing together.

Children headed into the Shorashim מטבח (meetbach – kitchen) to prepare for a Pesach seder.

Using a picture book as a guide, children took turns telling parts of the Exodus story to each other. They listened attentively to one another.

We asked the children what the Israelites sang after they crossed through the Red Sea, and the children broke out into a joyous dance, singing מי כמוך (Mee Chamocha)! The Torah includes these words as part of a long poem sang by the Israelites when they were finally free. The children learned this song/prayer in Shirah/Tefillah (Singing/Prayer at the end of every Enrichment Center day), and now they’ve internalized the words’ original context. We were impressed with the children’s seder!

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