Pesach is Coming. We’ll Be Ready.

Nitzanim is exploring Pesach (Passover) through the lens of the Four Questions. By the time Pesach comes, we’ll be ready to ask them in Hebrew. This week we’re reviewing the Exodus story and starting to recognize, speak, and write key Hebrew words about the Four Questions:

  1. מצה (matzah – unleavened bread)
  2. מרור (maror – bitter herb)
  3. שתי פעמים (shtay fe’ameem – two times, referring to two dippings, parsley into salt water and bitter herb into charoset)
  4. מסובין (misubeen – reclining, referring to how we recline at the seder table while we eat)

Drawing and writing key words from the Four Questions.

Next week, we’ll start thinking about how these unusual actions at the seder relate to the Exodus story.

We were amazed at what the children recall from previous years’ Pesach experiences. It’s a wonderful foundation they’re starting with this year.

Remembering details of the Exodus story and comparing versions in books.

Finishing a running game using key Hebrew words from the Four Questions.

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