Making the Story of Purim Come Alive for Young Learners

The Shorashim learners have been familiarizing themselves with the basic narrative of Purim so that they can more fully enjoy participating in upcoming Purim community events like carnivals, parades, and Megillah readings.

Shorashim students busily work on their Purim stick puppets

This week, after hearing the story of Purim told many times in different ways, the children enjoyed making their own Purim puppets so that they could retell the story of the holiday to their family and friends. These puppets will serve as props for imaginative play and exploration.

Learners proudly showing off their Purim puppets

Along similar lines, many of the learners delighted in decorating beautiful Purim crowns. Wearing the crowns connects the Shorashim students to the characters of the holiday story, and to the general gaiety of Purim.

Looking good in Purim crowns

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