Otiyot Chayot: Making Hebrew Letters with our Body

Otiyot “Chayot “*
אותיות חיות
“Living”   Letters

In Nitzanim we have been making an Alef Bet out of our bodies.

Child 1 making a "zayin", the seventh Hebrew letter.

We are putting this Alef Bet up above the Hebrew luach (board) right next to the door in Beit Nitzanim. The children learn the letters through moving their bodies.

Child 2 making a "zayin".

Physical activity is an effective and oft-neglected component of the learning process. And it’s not just for kids! Come check out this “living” Alef Bet next time you are in Beit Nitzanim, or flip through our copy of “Alef Bet Yoga” and see what words you can spell!

*Did you know: In Hebrew, the adjective word for “living”, חיות (chayot), is the same as the word for animals? The Hebrew word for “animal” is חיה; the word for “live”, or “alive” is חי (chay). In this sense, when we talk about animals in Hebrew, we are reminded that they are living beings that share the Earth along with us.

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