Delving Further into the Aleph-bet with Shorashim

Shorashim learners point at the letters of the Hebrew alphabet as we sing the Aleph Bet song during Zman P'Geesha (meeting time).

This week at the Jewish Enrichment Center was full of wonderful experiences with the Hebrew alphabet in Beit Shorashim. The Shorashim learners played Hebrew letter bingo, matched pairs of Hebrew letter flashcards, experimented with Hebrew letter stencils and stickers, and even attempted to write their whole names in Hebrew.

One Shorashim student, when visiting Beit Nitzanim at the end of a long day of playing and learning, pointed to the large “Shin,” “Mem,” and “Ayin” letters posted on the wall in the classroom (identical to the large letters in Shorashim’s Hebrew Corner) and proudly read, “Shhhh-Maaah!”

Playing Hebrew bingo together on Yom Rishon (Sunday)

The children are genuinely excited when they recognize and can name a Hebrew letter. They are also very proud when they can find the first letter of their Hebrew names in the many examples of Hebrew text available in our classroom.

A Shorashim learner points to "Aleph" on our classroom wall mural

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to expand our knowledge of the Hebrew letters. I am so excited to see how the Shorashim learners grow and mature as Hebrew mavens!

A Shorashim learner uses a stencil to reproduce Hebrew letters.


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