Positive and Negative space

Looking at examples of Positive and Negative space


This week, Nitzanim learned about positive and negative space. This explains the process behind screen printing, which Nitzanim has done already and completed the first step of the Shema pillow cases. We researched images in books about Jewish Chagim (holidays) and were given the challenge to sketch an object that associates with a specific holiday, redraw the image using only shapes, fill in those shapes and then draw the shapes again, but instead of filling them in, fill in the background. So far, we have designs for Purim, Sukkot, Pesach, Simchat Torah and Hannukah! These shapes will become stamps that Nitzanim will use to decorate their Shema pillow cases!

A Nitzanim Boy is drawing his Positive and Negative design for Purim

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