A Cake for Tu B’Shevat

We read our recipe for Tu B'Shevat Cake together

On Tuesday, the Shorashim learners did something we’ve never accomplished before as a group! We followed a recipe to bake a special Tu B’Shevat cake. The children worked together cooperatively and harmoniously to read the recipe (with the help of pictograms), catalog our ingredients, divide the work into discrete tasks, assist each other, and wait patiently for each step in the long  baking sequence to be completed.

A Shorashim learner oh so carefully adds an egg to our cake batter with the support and advice of friends.

I was so impressed with the maturity, responsibility, and joy they showed throughout the cake-making process. When we proudly shared our cake with Nitzanim after Zman Musika (Music time), the cake’s Tu B’Shevat-themed tree-derived ingredients (dates and chocolate) were the only things sweeter than our group’s success!

We loved making a cake together!

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