A Tree Grows in Shorashim

The New Forest in Shorashim

Okay, not just one tree. Actually, whole forest of trees took root in Shorashim this week in honor of Tu B’Shevat.  We have a new Peenat Eitzeem (Trees corner) where the learners are enjoying celebrating the “birthday” of the trees by making trees bloom. They spent Monday and Tuesday affixing leaves, flowers, and fruits to the previously bare branches of our kid-sized paper trees. This activity inspired the kids to make their own drawings of tree and fruits during choice play.

We continued our exploration of the many different parts of trees by making paintings using pine tree branches as our paint brushes. One of the Shorashim learners described his painting by saying, “I’m using a tree [branch] to make a [birthday] present for the trees!”

Using Pine Tree Branches to Paint

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