Pinat Ivrit: Hebrew Challenges

In the process of reorganizing our home in Nitzanim, we have added a Pinat Ivrit, a Hebrew corner.

Boy makes a wordsearch out of Hebrew words. He not only engages in the discovery of creating a wordsearch, but also will engage his friends as well once he is finished with his puzzle!

This space is furnished with games and activities that help the children engage with Hebrew letters. The children are free to initiate activities at their own leisure.

Girl makes Hebrew words using Hebrew letter stickers. The use of the sticker removes the stress of writing the letter, while still allowing the child to interact with and recognize Hebrew letters.

Through this process of child-initiated learning, the Nitzanimers gain ownership over the learning process rather than feel like it is something they are forced into. Not only this, but it’s fun, too!

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