Building a Jewish House

Shorashim learner builds a Jewish house "for Moses" with blocks

On Sunday in Shorashim, we began our morning by building Jewish homes with wooden blocks. This activity led to discussion of some of the things we have in our own Jewish homes. The Shorashim learners started the discussion by listing very general items like: markers, books, toys, and kitty cats. But as we continued, some learners mentioned things that can only be found in a home that’s Jewish like: a mezuzah, a menorah, and Shabbat dinner. Many Shorashim learners also mentioned the very important inhabitants of their own Jewish homes including mommies and daddies, brothers and sisters, and even visiting grandparents and cousins.

We took these thoughts and put them into individual sifrei bayit (house books). The book-making activity was a great way to list and illustrate the many elements of a Jewish home that are most important to the Shorashim learners right now. I hope their understanding of what makes a home Jewish will grow and deepen as our exploration of the Shema continues.


Another Shorashim learners begins building her Jewish house


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