More שמע Research (We’re Loving It!)

Here we are, looking for clues. Does our mystery page have the same שמע as in the Torah?

Comparing the Torah text to our mystery page.

And here are the results of our research, as recorded by a first grader and a kindergartener.

Translation: Our first clue is that BOTH the Torah and our mystery page have a big ע at the end of the word שמע and a big ד at the end of the word אחד.

Second clue: BOTH the Torah and our mystery text have a big break (“Brack”) at the end of the first שמע paragraph.

Third clue: When we start reading the paragraph after the break, we read the same words…and then the words are different! The Torah and our mystery text are not the same!!

Conclusion: Our mystery page is a copy of the שמע inside of a מזוזה (mezuzah). It has TWO paragraphs of the שמע. The שמע is made up of THREE paragraphs, all of which are from the Torah, but they are from three different sections of the Torah. In the Torah, the second paragraph of the שמע doesn’t follow the first one!

[The kindergartener’s notes say: ת (for תורה Torah) 3 P (paragraphs). NO (followed by a vertical line). 2 P ם (a final mem, standing for מזוזה (mezuzah).]

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