New פינת עברית (Pinat Ivrit – Hebrew Corner) in Beit Nitzanim!!

Today, when the Nitzanimers entered Beit Nitzanim, we had a new area to explore!  פינת עברית (Pinat Ivrit – Hebrew Corner), here we come!

At work in our new Pinat Ivrit

Our new area has flashcards of our names and several Hebrew words we know. It has magnetic Hebrew letters, Hebrew stencils, stamps, a chart of how to write the alef-bet, and, of course, sharpened pencils, paper (green this afternoon!), and erasers. We’ve also added several Hebrew games to our room.

Our new פינת עברית embodies the kind of enrichment we offer Jewish children. In our new corner, children can choose many ways to explore Hebrew language, and they can do so at their own pace, and alone or with a friend. Today, for example, the Nitzanimers challenged themselves to make a list of all of the words they know that begin with the letter ש (shin).


Inventive Hebrew spelling of the word “bi’ivrit,” which means, “in Hebrew!”

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