Getting Ready to Dedicate Our Mezuzot

Last week, Shorashim began the process of making their own, personalized mezuzot by painting them with watercolors. Today, Shorashim finished decorating their mezuzot with sequins, feathers, leaves, and other adornments. They took great care in using glue to secure the decorations. Then, we filled each mezuzah with the klaf (scroll) featuring the word “Shema,” as stamped out by each learner.

Next week, we will have a Hanukat Bayit (dedication) ceremony for the Jewish Enrichment. We will affix some of our mezuzot to all the different doorways of the Enrichment Center after saying a bracha and singing a fun mezuzah song.

Through making and affixing the mezuzah to doorways in our school, I hope the children will come to see the mezuzah as a special sign that says, “Jewish things happen inside this door!”

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