Making Mezuzot Using Compromise, Like the Rabbis

Today the Nitzanimers made their very own mezuzot. Part of this process meant being introduced to the discussion that Rabbis long ago had about how a mezuzah should look on the door. Should it lie flat, slant towards the left, slant towards the right, or go straight up?

A pair of Nitzanimers using pencils to show the angle of their mezuzah on the door.

The Nitzanimers then, in pairs, discussed what their own mezuzot should look like. Together, the children made choices about what color their mezuzah would be, what Hebrew word or letters would go on their mezuzah, and what materials (e.g., markers, tissue paper, etc.) they would use to make their letters. Not only did this activity encourage compromise between the children–a back-and-forth of ideas and active listening–but it also connected the children to the discussion that the Rabbis had long ago. They actively engaged in the debates that Rabbis had and, in this way, became a part of an ancient Jewish tradition.

Working together on our mezuzah.

Deciding what materials we should use to make our mezuzah.

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