Jan 08

We’re שמע Researchers

To be a שמע researcher, you have to know and be able to do a lot of things. Nitzanimers can do them all.

First – We had to figure out what researchers do (it was a new word for some of us!).

Second – We made a list of everything we know already about the שמע. We also found out that not all of us know how to sing the שמע. Hmmmph. We began to wonder

Third – We asked a research question: Do most grown-up Jews know the  שמע?

Fourth – We practiced our interviewing skills with each other: ” ______שלום. אני” (“Shalom. Ani ______.” We said hello and our names.) Then we asked: Do you know the שמע?

Fifth – Interview Time! We went quietly into the Chapel and, in pairs, introduced ourselves and asked grown-ups if they know the שמע. The result: we had only כן (ken – yes) on our interview sheets! The grown-ups were very impressed with our interview skills. We’re very excited for the next part of our research project.

Practicing Our Interview Skills


Interviewing: Do you know the שמע?

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