We’re שמע Researchers

To be a שמע researcher, you have to know and be able to do a lot of things. Nitzanimers can do them all.

First – We had to figure out what researchers do (it was a new word for some of us!).

Second – We made a list of everything we know already about the שמע. We also found out that not all of us know how to sing the שמע. Hmmmph. We began to wonder

Third – We asked a research question: Do most grown-up Jews know the  שמע?

Fourth – We practiced our interviewing skills with each other: ” ______שלום. אני” (“Shalom. Ani ______.” We said hello and our names.) Then we asked: Do you know the שמע?

Fifth – Interview Time! We went quietly into the Chapel and, in pairs, introduced ourselves and asked grown-ups if they know the שמע. The result: we had only כן (ken – yes) on our interview sheets! The grown-ups were very impressed with our interview skills. We’re very excited for the next part of our research project.

Practicing Our Interview Skills


Interviewing: Do you know the שמע?


    • Beth on January 10, 2012 at 1:29 PM
    • Reply

    Miriam is really enjoying her research (and proudly calling it her research project!). She’s already made several calls, and she doesn’t let people off easily. I heard her ask my parents and then she said, “Okay, sing it for me so I can be sure.”

  1. As distant grandparents of two of these kids, we were thrilled to see the pictures and read about the wonderful opportunities you’re offering for their Jewish learning experiences. Thank you!

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