Yom Ivrit (Hebrew Day)!

In all, Nitzanim completed TWENTY עברית (Ivrit  – Hebrew) challenges in just under an hour! We worked in pairs. Boy, were our brains tired!

Some of our challenges were:

  • Write your name in Hebrew, plus the names of two friends.
  • Sing two Hebrew songs all the way through.
  • Jump rope twenty times, counting in Hebrew.
  • Write all of the letters of the alef-bet.
  • In what season of the year is your birthday? Read one of the names of the Hebrew months in that season.

The day’s BIGGEST challenge was to figure out how to say the name of our new Hebrew month, טבט (“Tayvate”). The children had to figure out that two dots next to each other (..) under a letter make a long “a” sound, and ALSO that the ב makes a “b” sound when it has a dot in the middle and a “v” sound without a dot. The children kept working on the challenge until they figured it out!

We worked on helping each other succeed.

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