Discussion of the Story of Bereishit

In Nitzanim the past two weeks, we’ve discovered that the children love to hear the story of Bereishit and provide their own feedback in the form of comments and questions.

During our reading of Genesis, Ch. 2:

[wind blows mightily outside against the walls and window]
Boy 1: I thought God was blowing.
Boy 2: Is there an earthquake coming?

Boy 1: Did the man even know if a rib was taken out?
Boy 2: Did God replace it with another rib?
Boy 3: I’m not so sure if he knew [it was taken out].

Boy: God’s not a human, God’s not a human.

Boy: They [the animals] hated the man and the man hated them.

During our reading of Genesis, Ch. 3:

[Teacher: “If you eat from the Tree,” God said, “you will die.”]
Boy: That’s not true!

[Teacher: And then they left Gan Eden*, and they couldn’t go back.]
Boy: But wouldn’t they know the lesson? […] What if they didn’t listen [and came back to the Garden anyways]?

Boy: God tricked them. He said something [that if they ate from the Tree of Good and Bad they would die] and then they tried doing it and it didn’t work [they didn’t die]. That would be like tricking.

This feedback provides us with an inner look at how these kids are mentally processing the story of Bereishet.

*The Garden of Eden

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