The Children Help Each Other Understand Genesis 2

A conversation after reading the second Creation story in Genesis Chapter 2:

Boy 1: Yikes! He took a bone out of him. If you took a bone out of yourself, wouldn’t you die?

Boy 2: Yeah!

Girl 1: Yeah, you would die.

Boy 3: And your bones would fall all apart.

Girl 1: ‘Cause God’s like made of air.

Boy 1: What?

Boy 3: And the bones would fall…

Boy 1: If God’s made of air, how would He have bones.

Girl 1: Yeah.

(the room is quiet)

Boy 1: ‘Cause see? I can feel Him? He’s made out of air.

Girl 1: Yeah, I can feel Him. He’s right here.

Boy 1: Yeah, right here. Yeah. I feel His arm right here.

Rabbi Rebecca: You can feel God right there?

Most children: Yeah, I can feel God. I feel Him.

Boy 1: He’s shaking my hand like crazy!

Boy 2: Yeah, He’s making my hand shake!

Rabbi Rebecca (interrupting): So, actually, {Boy 1}, you started the question of Yikes! God took a bone out of Adam and wouldn’t he die, if He took a bone out?

Boy 3: Maybe He…

Rabbi Rebecca: No, God didn’t make the man die.

Boy 1: No, Himself die.

Rabbi Rebecca: Hmm-umm. Yeah, you can…

Boy 2 (interrupting): Did He put back, did He put in a different rib bone?

Rabbi Rebecca: Not, not in the story, no.

Girl 1: But God’s made out of air. How can He have a rib?

Boy 1: Yeah, how can…

Rabbi Rebecca: Well, the rib came out of Adam. The rib didn’t come out of God.

Boy 1: What? It came out of Adam?

Rabbi Rebecca: The person.

Boy 1: Oh!

Rabbi Rebecca: That God took the rib out of the man person, (Oh!) and out of that rib, God made a woman.

Boy 2: How?

Boy 1: Oh. I thought He took it out of Himself.

Boy 3: How’d He do that?

Rabbi Rebecca: How did God made a woman out of the rib?

Boy 1: How’d He take his skin?

Rabbi Rebecca: What do you think?

Boy 3: How did He get the rib out of the person?

Girl 1: It’s like this, and like this…

Boy 3: Then the man would feel and then, like, a whole, like, a lot of blood would come out. It would be like this many blood would come out (hands out wide).

Girl 1: Yeah, it would be like all the way…

Boy 2: That side of the room to this!

Boy 3: Yeah, it could be from…

Someone: Sh!

Boy 3: Yeah, it would be a huge… Maybe He, uh,…

Girl 1: This whole building!

Boy 1: Guys, if he was in a deep sleep he wouldn’t even feel that his bone was being taked out. That’s why God put him in a deep sleep. If He tries to get his bone out, he would try, the man would probably try to run, ‘cause he thought God would be trying to kill him, that’s why God put him in a deep sleep.

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