Excerpt From Nitzanim Discussion About Creation

Nitzanim explored the Torah’s text for Day 1 (Yom Rishon) and Day 4 (Yom Revee’ee). Here’s a snippet of what they said…

Boy 1: Wait. The whole solar system is made from God.

Rabbi R.: Ooh. Which day did that happen? Or not on any of these days.

Boy 1: That happened on the first day, too.

Rabbi R.: Okay. So {Boy 1} thinks that God created the solar system on Day 1. Does anybody also think that with {Boy 1}?

Girl 1: I kind of do. But maybe it was already made. Maybe He made the earth, but there was nothing on it, it was just like a clear ball. And then soon after that, He created the water (Boy 1: “Ooh, an asteroid hit the earth!”), and the land, and then it turned into…

Rabbi R.:  {Girl 1}, I’m going to write down that the earth was a clear ball.

Girl 1: And then it turned into two different colors.

Boy 1: And the asteroid hit it, and then it turned different colors.

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