Beit Shorashim: Our Discussion of G-d

Reading the Story of the Seven Days of Creation in Beit Shorashim

Today in Beit Shorashim during story time, we read a retelling of the story of the first seven days of creation–it led to a lively discussion of our emergent understanding of who and what G-d is. Some of the current conceptions of G-d shared by learners include:

“G-d is someone who lives in the sky and you can’t see because I think he is made of clouds.”

“G-d is like a ghost.”

“God is like a person with skin just like we are.”

If you would like to continue this discussion of the nature of G-d at home with your learner, I’d be eager to hear all about it. I hope that our further exploration of G-d as a central character in the two creation stories of Braysheet will help the Beit Shorashim learners deepen and expand each of their own unique understandings of Hashem.

Resource for talking to your children: Teaching Your Children About God: A Modern Jewish Approach by David J. Wolpe

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