Torah Music


One of our Shorashim learners kisses a chumash after we finish examining it.


Today was a day full of Torah exploration in Beit Shorashim. We continued with imaginative play around the Aaron HaKodesh and prepared for a classroom shabbat dinner as well. We revisited the chapel to read from some of the chapel’s chumasheem and talk about the differences between the book-bound torahs and the torah scrolls in the ark. We sang the aleph bet song while pointing with the silver yads to the Hebrew letters on our soft toy torahs. We even visited Rabbi Gretel in the Rodfei Tzedek Sanctuary, who admired our collection of Torah photographs and helped us add a find to our Torah Hunt list: the Torahs in the stained-glass windows of the sanctuary!

Throughout our afternoon together, we listened to music related to Torah learning. Here’s some of the songs they enjoyed most, all of which are available on Amazon (or ask me if you’d like me to make your family a copy of these songs):

“Learning Torah”  from Torah Alive! Music Connection

“Little Taste of Torah” by Peter and Ellen Allard from the album of the same name

“Love the Torah” by Allen Lieberman from the album of the same name

“To Be a Torah” by Rabbi Joe Black from Aleph Bet Boogie

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