Spontaneous בראשית Reading

Nitzanim went into the Chapel to investigate the many meanings of the word בראשית.

The word בראשית :

  • Is the first word of the Torah
  • Means, “In the beginning”
  • Is the name of the story of Creation
  • Is the name of the first BOOK of the FIVE books of the Torah
After we found בראשית in our חומשים (chumashim – the Torah as written in book form, pl.), we had a spontaneous Torah reading! The paraded plush Torahs around the room singing, “Torah, Torah,” and then gathered around a חומש (chumash – singular for the Torah in book form).
One child held the יד (yad – “hand”, used when reading from a Torah scroll), and “read” the story of Creation, making up Hebrew-sounding words, throwing in a few Hebrew words he knew (like kibud – “snack” – God had kibud!), and then “translating” his story. All of the children were extremely interested in his version!


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