The One Where We Go to Morocco!

Our Moroccan lanterns.

By creating “lanterns” in the style of Morocco, we brought the Moroccan Jewish community to Hyde Park. We saw that Morocco is at the northern tip of Africa. We also looked at pictures of how sukkahs look in Morocco, and learned that at the end of Sukkot the children in Morocco are allowed to burn down their sukkah!

I practiced my design on paper before making my final product.

We made rugs using shapes and patterns we found in Moroccan art, and also built palaces out of blocks and Magna-Tiles. By building using shapes and tracing geometric designs out of schach, we interacted with the artistic spirit of Moroccan architecture. We even cooked our own Moroccan-style cous cous dessert. (See: picture and recipe below)

Learning about the Moroccan Jewish community is important because it helps us understand that Jews around the world do Jewish things in different ways.

We made cous cous!


1 cup cous cous                                                                                כוס קוסקוס

1 cup water                                                                                         כוס מים

1 teaspoon salt                                                                                  כפית מלח

1 stick butter                                                                                     מקל חמאה

1 tbsp sugar                                                                                        כף סוכר


To decorate:

confectioner’s sugar and cinnamon                                            וקינמון סוכר

Boil  מים(mayim) with חמאה (chemah) and מלח (melach).

Add קוס קוס (cous cous) and stir.

Remove from heat, add סוכר (sukar) and cover for חמש דקות (chamesh dakot – five minutes).

To serve Moroccan style, shape  קוס קוסinto cone and sprinkle down the side with lines of קינמון (kinamon) and סוכר.

Serve with bowls of fruit ( and nuts for people to help themselves as they wish. We served our cous cous with golden raisins, apricots, and pumpkin seeds.

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