A First Nitzanim Sukkah

How will we make the sides of our sukkah? Maybe we can support these mats with cardboard.

Nope. The walls will need more support.








The walls keep falling down. Let’s try something new. What if we put the mats on the platform?

And support them with blocks?


It Works!!

Let’s put plates in the sukkah.

Here’s some food for the sukkah.






And here’s our lookout so we can watch for predators! And see the mat for sleeping in the foreground? There’s also a fireplace.

We started our day with the children bamidbar (in the desert/wilderness), where one of the dangers (as the children pointed out) could be predators. And heat! The room we were building our sukkot in was actually hot from the sun yesterday!

“When are we going to finish our journey?” one child asked at the end of the day? Bingo! After spending several weeks making Beit Nitzanim into our home, the children noticed that we hadn’t gotten “home” all afternoon! The saga will continue…







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