First Day in Nitzanim

Dear Mishpachot (משפחות – families),

My name is Michael and I am a moreh (teacher) in the Beit Nitzanim. Today (Monday, September 12th) we gathered together for our first full day of the Jewish Enrichment Center. We began the day with a kibud (snack) of tapuchim, davash, and rikeekeem (ask your kids what these words mean!). Next the kids and Morah Shifra went outside to collect leaves that had fallen on the ground. Once back in Beit Nitzanim, we made rubbings out of the leaves by pressing crayon on a piece of paper laid on top of the leaves. We cut out the leaves and taped them to the tree on the wall (that Morot Michelle and Shif so beautifully painted last week during our staff orientation!). Now our tree on the wall looks like the tree outside, with fall leaves all around.

Next, the kids decided it was a good idea to decorate the choref (winter) corner of our room by making snowflakes. This also led to a discussion about making snowballs and building a “snow mountain”. I read a book to them about a family’s experience of Channukah in choref; some of the kids decided to make a paper dreidel and menorah to also tape into the choref corner next to the snowflakes.

At the p’geisha (meeting) rug we sang the aleph bet, sang about the days of the week, and learned how to say our names in Hebrew. I heard from Morah Miri that the Shorashim kids decided to explore the seeds of their tapuchim (apples) and now want to try growing apple trees; in order to do so, they have begun soaking the seeds in water, and decided it was a good idea to place a napkin over the seeds overnight.

Finally, we concluded the day all together at shira/tefillah. We had so many song requests, that we had to save “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for another day! But it was great to see a savta (grandma) and dodah (aunt) in the room, as well as a few horim (parents). While waiting for parents to come, the morim (teachers) led a game of arba pinot (four corners) in the auditorium. It was an exciting first day, ensuring us that we have a full and rich year ahead of us!


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