About Our Latest Grant

It’s called Social Media Boot Camp. How hard core is that? The grant is from Darim Online, a terrific organization dedicated to teaching Jewish leaders how use technology to “effectively build Jewish community, strengthen Jewish identity, provide Jewish educational opportunities and inspire greater commitment to Jewish life.” Love it.

It being summer, the season when we suddenly realize how little we’ve exercised during Chicago’s nine-month winter, Boot Camp seems like just the thing. And since embarking on a training program alone usually leads to leaving that training program alone, Darim’s Boot Camp required that the Enrichment Center apply as a team.

We have an awesome Boot Camp team. Linda Szmulewitz is a licensed clinical social worker, runs The Chicago New Moms Group, and oh, yeah, has two young children and is active in the Hyde Park Jewish community. Barbara Chandler is President of Chandler Communications, which is donating communications services to the Jewish Enrichment Center, and is a long-time veteran of Jewish communal work. She has four gorgeous grandchildren.

Here’s the thing about asking folks to join a Boot Camp with you: you’re asking for commitment. You’re asking if your fellow Boot Camper is willing to scrape you off the floor when you couldn’t possibly go another mile. (Okay, maybe a social media Boot Camp isn’t quite that drastic.) And you agree to do the same for them.

And that’s why I love Darim’s Boot Camp: it lets the Enrichment Center commit to our volunteers every bit as much as they commit to the Enrichment Center. Both of our Boot Camp volunteer team members own businesses, so by working with social media for the Enrichment Center, Linda and Barbara will also gain ideas for their businesses. Darim’s Boot Camp makes it possible for the Jewish Enrichment Center (even before we have children on site!) to give back to the community.

So let the training begin! Beyond social media basics, we’ll work on how to position the Enrichment Center to focus on education while developing a network of volunteers to cover the areas where we’re least skilled (um, if you can help make this blog/website look better, please let me know!). And if you’re interested in joining the Darim Online Boot Camp with us, give me a holler. We’re ready to go social media hard core with you.


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