Just A Little Love Note…

…to say Ladies of Hyde Park, you rock my world.

Being a woman is on my mind this week. I listened to this inspiring TED talk by Madeleine Albright (worth downloading to listen while driving) where she says that there’s a special place in hell reserved for women who don’t help each other. I also had my first mammogram this week – if applicable, consider yourself reminded.

Secretary Albright has a role in which she can make real change in the lives of women worldwide. She was instrumental, for example, in getting rape named as a weapon of war. We ladies of Hyde Park may not have Secretary Albright’s kind of influence, but we are working together to create something with lasting impact for our own community. We’re creating a place where our children can grow Jewishly, together

Already, today, on my third day being full-time at the Jewish Enrichment Center, it’s become clear that the ladies of Hyde Park are every bit as generous as I had imagined.

Future Lady of Hyde Park

On Thursday, I posted on facebook that the Enrichment Center needs a printer, and by this morning (Monday), I had THREE offers of printers.

One morning last week, a mom took her work time – time for which she had hired a babysitter – to meet with me and share her knowledge of our community. As moms, we know how every minute counts when we’ve arranged childcare. What a gift!

Another day, I had started hearing rumors about what the Jewish Enrichment Center is and is not. Great. I’d much rather hear what people are saying than keep the talk hidden

Future Lady of Hyde Park

away. But my heart started racing, and I wondered how best to address what’s going on. And the answer turned out to be generosity. I approached the women with a spirit of generosity, ready to listen, and they listened, and presto, we came up with a plan that we all feel excited about. (What plan? Stay tuned for a blog soon!)

And finally, isn’t Shabbat great? I’d like to recommend ending the week with friends, food, and Shabbat so you can feel comforted that yes, everyone else’s children (like yours) DO eat food that they find in their carseats and also swap recipes for making jam (I use this one; it works for any fruit). Uplifting.

Thank you, ladies! Your support and enthusiasm and generosity are powering this new initiative.


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