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Oct 21

Our Trip to the Conservatory: The Palm Room

This post was written by one of our sixth graders, after our first-ever Jewish Enrichment Center field trip to the Garfield Park Conservatory. We went to the conservatory to think about what we wanted to make our sukkah out of and we looked at all the plants and animals there.  First we went to the …

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Oct 20

Sukkot Play

In Beit Shorashim v’ Shteelim (nursery and kindergarten) we have been participating in סוכות (sukkot) play. We built סוכות (sukkot) using natural blocks and materials.   We made decorations and decorated the Beit Shorashim v’ Shteelim סוכה (sukkah)…   …and added סכך  (schach-leafy branches)  to the top of the סוכה (sukkah). We prepared a meal to eat in …

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Oct 20

Many minds, helping hands

During the first few days of סוכות (the festival of Sukkot), we in ענפים (Anafim, “Branches” for 3rd-4th grade) began our Sukkah City project by figuring out the Early Rabbis’ rules of what a סוכה (sukkah) needs in order to count as a סוכה (sukkah). We looked at pictures of סוכות (sukkot) and discussed what …

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Oct 16

Building a Sukkah in Shalom Chaverim

This week there were sukkot everywhere you looked in Shalom Chaverim! We read stories and books about building a sukkah, and then we set out to create our own.   Some children chose to build a sukkah with blocks and natural materials. We checked to see if we could see any stars through the leaves …

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Oct 13

Sukkot is Coming

In Beit Shorashim v Shteelim (nursery and kindergarten) we are shifting our minds, bodies, and space towards the חַג סוכות (Holiday of Sukkot). We are excited to be fully immersed in סוכות (Sukkot). Exciting times working together to build our very own סוכה (Sukkah) in Beit Shorashim v Shteelim. We did it ourselves! Then we set to work decorating it.

Oct 02

Sukkot in Shalom Chaverim

Our first week in Shalom Chaverim was all about getting to know one another, and exploring some of the sights, sounds, and smells of Sukkot together. There were new objects to examine– an etrog to smell and feel, and a lulav to touch and shake. Then there were the sukkot themselves– one outside to examine …

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Sep 25

We Did It!

“We’re building a sukkah today!” one boy cried joyfully when he walked into the room. When we walked down the hall to go to yetzirah (art/creativity) to start making decorations, we saw it. “What’s that?” one child asked. “It’s for the sukkah!” “It’s the top!” We smelled it. Children tried to pick it up and …

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Oct 08

Creating our Sukkah in Shorashim

This week was pretty special for us in Shorashim! Because the chag of Sukkot is starting tonight at sundown, we got to build our own Sukkah in Beit Shorashim that will stay up through the end of the holiday next week. Monday, the structure of our sukkah was delivered to our room and we got to …

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Jan 23

Through the Jewish Year in 20 Minutes

Monday’s Special Day was about the TASTES of the Jewish year. We had a fabulous day preparing for our Jewish Year in 20 MInutes celebration. It was a little odd to taste matzah right now, but everyone was thrilled to eat the תפוחים ודבש (tapuchim u’devash – apples and honey)!        

Sep 25

Sukkah Decorations of All Kinds

This week its no surprise our heads and hands were full of Sukkot projects! Each קבוצה (kevutzah- group) did several rounds of yetzirah projects and explorations to create sukkah decorations- and, even, an actual sukkah! Shorashim built a life-sized sukkah last week… and then they “ate sukkah dinner” inside of it, made paper chains, painted/stamped a לולב (lulav) …

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