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Feb 22

Joy Leading Up To Purim

 פּוּרִים (Purim) is on its way and in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten)  פּוּרִים (Purim) is a joyful and merry sort of holiday and we have been finding joy in different experiences we are having with our peers.   There is joy in working together to build the palace in Shushan, the setting of the  פּוּרִים (Purim) story! I …

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Feb 15


Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) loves having visitors. This week we had three visitors (okay, they are also related to some of the kindergartners) come to talk with us about ways that they make Shabbat special or different from the rest of the week. We heard about how some families are busy during the week and …

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Feb 08

Working Together

There is something really special happening in Beit Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten).   You can hear it in the way children talk to one another when working on a Hebrew challenge…. “I can look for ש (‘shin’), can you help by looking for ב (‘bet’) and ת (‘tav’)?”   …and the words they use when …

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Feb 01

How Many Ways Can We Celebrate Shabbat?

Many of the children in Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten) already associate שבת (Shabbat) with lighting nerot (candles), eating challah, drinking grape juice, and having shabbat dinner. This week we are moving beyond our initial associations with שבת (Shabbat) by exploring how we might make שבת (Shabbat) feel different from other days of the week. First, we heard …

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Jan 25

Exploring our “Shabbat Candle Feeling”

This week in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) our exploration has been personal in nature. While we have been playing, we have been exploring our “Shabbat candle feeling” (The feeling you get inside when you watch lit נרות (nerot–candles) for Shabbat). During our explorations, I observed children taking the time to take care of their peers by …

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Jan 18

Shabbat Moments

In Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) the children have created rich dramatic play about שבת (Shabbat) based on stories that we have read and personal experiences.   In addition to house cleaning, שבת (Shabbat) dinner preparing and guest inviting, we have added going to the grocery store to buy things we might be missing for שבת (Shabbat). One …

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Jan 11

Shteelim Shabbat

The beginning of a new quarter is an exciting time in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have begun our new theme, שבת (Shabbat)! We are doing some research to figure out how we might play שבת (Shabbat). So far we have been reading stories about שבת (Shabbat) and have done some careful looking at shabbat …

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Dec 19

Chanukkah Joy

Gather around! It’s time to light the נרות (nerot–candles) for Chanukkah. How wonderful to be able to celebrate Chanukkah together over the last week, cozy together as the נרות (nerot–candles) burned. We’ve played competitive games of סביבון (sevivon–dreidel). Created our own beeswax נרות (nerot–candles) to take home. And even made special Chanukkah-shaped עגיות (ugiyot–cookies). We hope your …

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Dec 14

Shteelim Chanukah Story

In Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten), we have been listening to and playing the Chanukah story. The following narrative outlines the Chanukah story as told by Shteelim (different children on different days).   “There was a king, Antiochus. Before the king, Jews could do Jewish things like celebrate Jewish holidays and maybe they sang Aleph-Bet.” “The …

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Dec 07

Abuzz With Purpose

Everywhere we turn, children are fully immersed – in purposeful play, in expressing the big ideas of their project, and in contributing to the community. The result? Pride. It’s palpable in every room. See you on Sunday, December 10 to explore and celebrate children’s insightful ideas! Painting a giant backdrop for our installation Creating a giant …

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