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Jan 11

Shteelim Shabbat

The beginning of a new quarter is an exciting time in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have begun our new theme, שבת (Shabbat)! We are doing some research to figure out how we might play שבת (Shabbat). So far we have been reading stories about שבת (Shabbat) and have done some careful looking at shabbat …

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Dec 19

Chanukkah Joy

Gather around! It’s time to light the נרות (nerot–candles) for Chanukkah. How wonderful to be able to celebrate Chanukkah together over the last week, cozy together as the נרות (nerot–candles) burned. We’ve played competitive games of סביבון (sevivon–dreidel). Created our own beeswax נרות (nerot–candles) to take home. And even made special Chanukkah-shaped עגיות (ugiyot–cookies). We hope your …

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Dec 14

Shteelim Chanukah Story

In Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten), we have been listening to and playing the Chanukah story. The following narrative outlines the Chanukah story as told by Shteelim (different children on different days).   “There was a king, Antiochus. Before the king, Jews could do Jewish things like celebrate Jewish holidays and maybe they sang Aleph-Bet.” “The …

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Dec 07

Abuzz With Purpose

Everywhere we turn, children are fully immersed – in purposeful play, in expressing the big ideas of their project, and in contributing to the community. The result? Pride. It’s palpable in every room. See you on Sunday, December 10 to explore and celebrate children’s insightful ideas! Painting a giant backdrop for our installation Creating a giant …

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Nov 30

Chanukah is Coming!

This week in Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) we are exploring the objects and symbols associated with Chanukah. We started out by doing some careful looking a Chanukah photographs:   Child 1: “That’s a menorah! I see a Jewish star!”  Child 2: “It looks like its made out of metal.” Child 1: “You light candles each …

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Nov 16

Welcoming Shorashim Guests

Shteelim (‘saplings’ for kindergarten) had decided that Avraham, one of the characters from Genesis 18, is welcoming and friendly because of how Avraham treats the 3 men. It was time to see what it might be like for us to welcome guests: “Shorashim (‘roots’ for Nursery) is coming to visit us! What can we do …

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Nov 09

Shteelim Making Thinking Visible

In Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for kindergarten) we have been exploring what different characters might be feeling at different points in the text, Genesis 18. We tried out a new routine for making our thinking visible called, think-pair-share. When playing the text in so many different ways we don’t always have opportunities to share our ideas with …

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Oct 26

Shteelim Wondering

This week in Shteelim (‘Saplings’ for Kindergarten) we have been reading Genesis 18:1-5 and sharing all the questions we are wondering about this text. Genesis 18:1-10 for Nursery and Kindergarten   Multiple children were curious about Avraham bowing in the text, asking, “Why did he (Avraham) bow?” One child asked, “Why did he (Avraham) run …

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Oct 16

Genesis 18:1-10 for Nursery and Kindergarten

  1    Adonai appeared to him at the oak-trees of Mamre. Avraham was sitting at the opening of his tent as the day grew cham.  2    He lifted up his einayim – and- hineh!  He saw shalosh men standing there in front of him! He ran out of the opening of his tent to meet them. He …

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Oct 04

Flowers for the Sukkah

  This week Shteelim (“saplings” for Kindergarten) made tissue paper flowers to decorate our סוּכָּה (sukkah)   We learned new techniques from each other “She used two colors! That’s cool!” “What? How did he make 3 layers?” We made so many in all different צְבָעִים (tzvaim– colors) “Which one should I- Oh! Red! Red! Red! I …

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