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May 01

Shorashim Begins to Explore Hashavat Aveidah

This week Shorashim began to explore the concept of Hashavat Aveidah: finding/returning lost items.   We told a a story about a girl who lost a favorite toy, and asked Shorashimers how they thought she felt; most said “sad,” some even said, “surprised.”   Some Shorashimers recalled times they’d lost items: here one Shorashimer drew …

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Apr 24

Shorashim Hides and Finds the Afikomen

Shorashim had a fantastic week as we celebrated the end of פסח (Pesach – Passover).  To honor the last two days, we didn’t write or draw or use electronics, leaving us with fewer pictures than usual; but that doesn’t mean we were any less busy or having any less fun! As we’ve mentioned over the …

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Apr 10

Shorashim Tells the Story of Pesach

Shorashim has been thoroughly enjoying acting out the story of Pesach in a variety of ways.  Without further ado, here are some highlights from the story with some artistic embellishments our Shorashim actors included.  (NOTE: The pictures are taken from multiple renditions so the roles are represented by a few different actors.)   Pharoah was …

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Apr 10

All Those Projects

Hey parents! Here is a guide to that pile of masterpieces you took home this week from your budding artists. All children brought home a matzah cover dyed and stamped with natural dye. This means food and spices were used to color these beauties! (You might even still smell the tumeric or coffee on them!) …

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Apr 03

Shorashim Explores Pesach

Shorashim dove right into פסח (Pesach – Passover) with many new explorations!  We read about how Moshe lead the Israelites out of Egypt, along with many other books about פסח (Pesach – Passover) things such as the seder! We even acted out the story!  Here is Moshe asking Pharoah to let his people go!  As you …

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Mar 20

Shorashim Celebrates Purim!

This week Shorashim celebrated Purim!  We dressed up in costumes, from policemen…   …to the the wicked Haman, complete with a classroom-made “triangle” shaped hat!   We read the “megillah” with our puppets and groggers, making lots of רעש (ra’ash – noise) each time we heard Haman’s name.   We even baked hamantaschen!  We got to roll …

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Mar 13

Shorashim Makes Some Noise for Purim!

This week Shorashim continued our Purim explorations with more reading of the “megillah,” singing songs with our puppets…   …castle building…   …and sharing “hamantaschen” with our friends.   We also did some new Purim explorations!  We made מסכות (masechot – masks) …   …and of course some groggers!  We decorated plates, filled them with beans, …

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Mar 12

Shorashim’s Final Beit Knesset Projects

Shorashim FINISHED their stained glass projects this week! And they are stunning! Last week, children experimented with the colored glass “gems” and they used that step as a kind of draft. After they had all the glass gems where they wanted them, I took a picture. Then I placed the picture underneath a picture frame …

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Mar 06

Shorashim Explores Purim

This week Shorashim began to learn about the upcoming holiday of Purim!  We listened to the story about how Queen Esther saved the Jews of Shushan.   We decorated templates of the four major characters: Queen Esther, King Achashverosh, Mordechai, and Haman.   We cut them out and taped popsicle sticks to the back to …

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Feb 27

Shorashim Plans for Making Stained Glass

In Shorashim, we’ve gotten some exciting new stained glass explorations underway in Yetzirah!   Our Sunday friends are getting the chance to work together on a few stained glass projects.  We sat as a group and brainstormed ideas to put on our stained glass.  We used our Beit Knesset knowledge and pictures of the stained …

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