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Feb 15

Positive and Negative space

  This week, Nitzanim learned about positive and negative space. This explains the process behind screen printing, which Nitzanim has done already and completed the first step of the Shema pillow cases. We researched images in books about Jewish Chagim (holidays) and were given the challenge to sketch an object that associates with a specific …

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Feb 14

Peer to Peer Makes Learning Possible in Nitzanim

Two children sit together and do their puppet show. Child #1: Now you say, “Eifo Moreh Mike? (Where’s Moreh Mike?)” Child #2: Eifo Moreh Mike? Child #1: Moreh Mike ba-sifriyah. (Moreh Mike is in the library.) Child #2 brings a puppet to the library, looks around for Moreh Mike. Child #1: Now you say, “Moreh …

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Feb 14

Gematria Comes to Beit Nitzanim!

The other day in Beit Nitzanim, we introduced one of our boys who enjoys working with numbers to the Jewish concept of gematria. Gematria is the study of the mathematical value of Hebrew words. Each Hebrew letter corresponds to a different number, such that every Hebrew word has a different mathematical “value”. Rabbis long ago …

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Feb 13

Collaborative Learning in Nitzanim

It was such a lovely afternoon. Children worked together on Shema research. Children worked together to figure out how to write/draw their Shema research. One child told another the story of Purim while they worked in Yetzirah. We enjoyed each other and our Jewish learning!

Feb 10

Screen Printing with Nitzanim

This week, 4 Nitzanimers came into yetzirah to screen print snowflakes for pinat choref (the winter corner) in Beit Nitzanim. We discussed the process of screen printing as well as understanding negative and positive space. They will soon be repeating this process with a Shema themed project!

Feb 03

Friendships Among All Ages and New Friendship, Too

  This week I have been looking at how we see friendship at the Jewish Enrichment Center and how even 4 months into the program there are new ones being formed. On Tuesday, during musika (music) I walked in to find a Nitzanim boy and two Shorashim girls sitting together. The surprise was that it …

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Feb 03

Playing Telephone

The Shorashim students have been learning so much Hebrew that we thought it would be a great idea to make a classic toy they could use to speak Hebrew with their friends. Two cups and some string still make one great telephone! The Shorashim-ers enjoyed experimenting with the sounds of their voices while speaking into …

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Feb 01

Pictures of Exploring the Shema (Week 4)

Watch the video with music below or see all the pics here!  

Jan 30

Building a Jewish House

On Sunday in Shorashim, we began our morning by building Jewish homes with wooden blocks. This activity led to discussion of some of the things we have in our own Jewish homes. The Shorashim learners started the discussion by listing very general items like: markers, books, toys, and kitty cats. But as we continued, some …

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Jan 29

What is it like to say the שמע in a group that’s praying?

From a first grader: “I felt like I was singing alone, except listening to others.” What a powerful expression of what it’s like to be connected to other Jews through the words of the שמע! Today for our שמע research, Nitzanim went into the Chapel to experience the שמע with a group in prayer. We prepared …

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