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Sep 05

Making Connections At Camp

  During camp this summer, at the Jewish Enrichment Center, nursery-1st grade children made connections to each other and the world around us! During our first week we explored social stories though dramatic play, building, art and cooking. For our purposes, social stories are, “stories about take care of each other at the Jewish Enrichment …

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Sep 26

Shorashim Celebrates Rosh Hashanah!

Rosh Hashanah is when many Jewish people celebrate the new year. There are many traditional symbols associated with the holiday, such as apples and honey (eaten for a sweet new year), round challah (to represent the cyclical nature of time) and shofars (a horn that is blown to signify the coming of the new year). …

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Sep 14

How important is it to have a set time of year for forgiveness?

Fifth through seventh graders debated the importance of having a set time of year for giving and receiving forgiveness. “You should have a day where you can confess stuff without getting in trouble.” “Maybe it’s good to have a deadline.” “You don’t need to wait for the new year to say sorry, but you do need …

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Sep 30

The Elul Project Concludes

What do you hear inside the words of our High Holyday liturgy? For the past month, we – the community of this building – have joined in personal and communal reflection, centered in our liturgy and themes of this season: forgiveness, power, struggle, awe, yearning. We called it, The Elul Project, after the name of …

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Sep 27

Rosh Hashanah Explorations

This week in Beit Shorashim v’Shteelim we are continuing to learn about Rosh Hashanah.     On  יום רישון (Yom Rishon- Sunday) we used תפוחים ודבש (Tapuchim u’Devash–apples and honey) to bake a cake for ראש השנה  (Rosh Hashanah- The Jewish New Year).   In יצירה (Yetzirah-art), we have been collaging Shofarot (shofars) and leaning …

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Sep 21

Exploring Through Our Senses

It’s our second week in Beit Shorashim v Shtelim. We are using different senses to explore the different ways that some Jewish people might experience  ראש השנה (Rosh Hashanah)- the beginning of the Jewish New Year.   We used our sense of memory to work on עברית (Irvit-Hebrew) games and remembering the letters       …

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Sep 18

Three Colors of Tapuchim (Apples)

Hey! Those תפוחים (tapuchim – apples) Rabbi Rebecca has are THREE different colors. Hey! Everything we’re doing is THREE colors! צהוב TZAHOV (see the color of the hoop?)       אדום ADOM (see the color of her paint?):   YAROK (see what color marker he has? He tested our THREE colors figure out which ones make …

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Sep 10

Patterns in Nature, Patterns in Ourselves

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim (“Buds,” for 1st-2nd grade children) took a closer look at one of the natural symbols of Rosh Hashanah: תפוחים (tapuchim- apples). We used sliced halves of tapuchim as our painting instruments to create a tapestry for Nitzanim.       תודה (toda– thank you), Nitzanim! During the first week of Jewish Enrichment Center, you made …

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Sep 26

Shofar Sounds and Dramatic Explorations of Slichah

The Nitzanimers really impressed me this week with their ability to weave together multiple different themes we’re focusing on into single skits. Almost all Nitzanim children participated in a skit at some point this week. We’ve also been talking about the difference between holding a grudge and taking revenge, rooted in reading the text of Leviticus 19:18. This …

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Sep 23

The Shofar Reminds us to Try New Things

This week in Shorashim, we dove further into our theme and learned about how the Shofar reminds us to try new things! We began to share with each other what new things we have tried before and how we felt when we tried them. During kibbud we had תפוחים ודבש (tapuchim udvash-apples with honey) and …

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