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Dec 15

The Learning Keeps Going

Just because our installation of children’s ideas about Torah is now affixed to the wall, it doesn’t mean the learning stops! Here are three ways folks continued to learn from our installation this week. We Go Back to Reflect on Our Work We headed downstairs to read and think about each other’s projects. We wrote …

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Dec 16

Reflecting On Our Work

This week in 5th/6th grade Alonim (“Oak Trees”), we took time to appreciate our accomplishments. We shared our projects with each other, noticing details and making connections with our own projects. We took time to read other children’s work. We listened carefully, asked questions, and out things we hadn’t known about each other. Then we took a few …

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Nov 03

Nitzanim Dreams Like Ya’akov

Yesterday we introduced Nitzanimers to a new story in our הלל (hallel) theme. This story comes from  בראשית (Breishit—Genesis) 28. In this story, Ya’akov runs away from Beer Sheba fearing that his brother wants to kill him for stealing his birthright. At night Ya’akov lies down, takes a rock as a pillow, and dreams of a …

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