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Nov 14

Thought-Provoking Skits in Beit Anafim!

As our Anafimers grow as readers, there are a wealth of exploration opportunities now available. A favorite for getting inside a Torah text and really interpreting what the characters are thinking and feeling in the story is the form of a skit. A couple weeks ago the Anafimers prepared multiple versions of the same scene …

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Oct 10

Nitzanim & Their New Story: Rivkah

This week in Yetzirah, Nitzanim dove right into the story of Rivkah! They showed excitement over the new characters and plot and all the possibilities of projects and plays! But first things first, we want to make sure they know the story like the back of their hand. So the Morot set out to tackle …

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Apr 25

What More Could I Possibly Say?

What amazing children! What an amazing community we have together!          

Mar 15

Shteelim Pesach Play

Written 100% as dictated by Shteelim – We used the Torah, a Haggadah, and some children’s books to help us figure out the details. When we got stuck on why Moshe took Aaron with him, we got out a Tanach, and read the actual Torah text to see what it said.   The 5773 Shteelim …

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Feb 14

A Purim Puppet Show!

This week Shteelim has been moving on with the basic story of Purim. Our Purim play has moved on to creating Purim puppets and using them with our Purim theater. The children decided on their own puppet characters and their own words while the Morah (teacher) prompted the Purim narrative. The children were able to fill …

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Feb 06

Shteelimers become Queen Esther, Mordechai and Queen Esther’s Dog!

With Purim around the corner, the Shteelimers were eager to dress up in costumes. Sticking with the story, many said they were Queen Esther or Mordechai but one Shteelimer even decided to become Queen Esther’s dog! To prepare for the play with our new costumes and props we set up a dressing room in Pinat …

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Jan 22

Nonsense Words!

Yep, our Nitzanimers are ready for…nonsense words! Here’s one now! Everyone had three vowels we could put under any letter we wanted. Then we had a friend “read” our nonsense word. What fun!

Dec 02

Shorashim-ers Become Dreidels

With Chanukah around the corner, Shorashim started the celebration! We began by playing with wooden dreidels and learning the names of the letters Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin. Then we became dreidels! While singing Chanukah songs, the children spun and danced like dreidels. Each child wore a sign with Nun, Gimmel, Hey, or Shin on the …

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Oct 26

We’re Going On A Tzeva Hunt!

We chant: “We’re going on a tzeva hunt! We’re going on a tzeva hunt!” We’re off!! אדום – adom!   צהוב  – tzahov! ירוק – yarok! סגול – sagol!

Oct 10

Inviting Guests Into Our Sukkot

Shteelim children (Pre-K and K) were very interested in the Sukkot custom of inviting guests into our sukkot. Children played in the small-size sukkah in Beit Shteelim, preparing food for their guests and inviting friends inside.   In Yetzirah, children made tissue paper guests. “My guest is smiling… Because they’re happy to be here.” My guest’s …

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