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Apr 10

Shorashim Tells the Story of Pesach

Photo Apr 06, 9 24 15 AM

Shorashim has been thoroughly enjoying acting out the story of Pesach in a variety of ways.  Without further ado, here are some highlights from the story with some artistic embellishments our Shorashim actors included.  (NOTE: The pictures are taken from multiple renditions so the roles are represented by a few different actors.)   Pharoah was …

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Apr 10

Learning to Disagree

Photo Apr 07, 2 34 58 PM

This week, Nitzanim struggled with a big realization: not EVERYONE at the כיבוד שולחן [kidbbud shulchan; snack table] has the same opinion as me! To help respect all our ideas, we practiced saying the phrase, “I disagree with __” during our debates. The phrase came up while we wondered about why Pharoh was afraid of the …

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Apr 10

All Those Projects


Hey parents! Here is a guide to that pile of masterpieces you took home this week from your budding artists. All children brought home a matzah cover dyed and stamped with natural dye. This means food and spices were used to color these beauties! (You might even still smell the tumeric or coffee on them!) …

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Apr 06

Pesach for the Toddler Set


This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about including young children at the Seder table. We spent lots of time creating objects for children to interact with authentically as they learn the story of Pesach. We focused throughout the morning on sensory experiences for children relating to Pesach– things for children to touch and feel …

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Apr 03

Shorashim Explores Pesach

Photo Apr 01, 2 39 43 PM

Shorashim dove right into פסח (Pesach – Passover) with many new explorations!  We read about how Moshe lead the Israelites out of Egypt, along with many other books about פסח (Pesach - Passover) things such as the seder! We even acted out the story!  Here is Moshe asking Pharoah to let his people go!  As you …

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Apr 02

Nitzanim is a Team!

Photo Apr 01, 3 06 11 PM

These next two weeks in Nitzanim, we’re spending time learning how to sing מה נשתנה‎ (Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions), but we’re also spending time learning about symbols on the seder plate, since many are mentioned in the questions asked in מה נשתנה‎!  We put a few puzzles with seder plate objects in the room to …

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Feb 06

Our Matzah Covers Get More Color


This week in yetzirah we’ve been busy adding more and more color to our matzah covers. First the Anafimers generously and creatively illustrated the six items we traditionally see on a seder plate during פסח (Pesach). They were then made into stamps. Our matzah covers were tie-dyed with natural ingredients… so why couldn’t we paint with natural …

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Jan 23

Natural Dyeing & Revealing Our Matzah Covers


As you may have read, last week all of the children began the long-term project of naturally dyeing fabric with fruits, veggies, and spices. It was all very exciting, but the energy didn’t stop there! There was a buzz around yetzirah… “Morah Na’omi, are [the jars] ready yet?!”   “Can I look at my jar?!” …

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Jan 23

Through the Jewish Year in 20 Minutes

Taking a break to play in the snow.

Monday’s Special Day was about the TASTES of the Jewish year. We had a fabulous day preparing for our Jewish Year in 20 MInutes celebration. It was a little odd to taste matzah right now, but everyone was thrilled to eat the תפוחים ודבש (tapuchim u’devash – apples and honey)!        

Mar 15

Pesach Story Ending, by Nitzanim

The first plague: dam (blood). The river and all of the water turned to blood.

  I missed getting pictures of some of the plagues, but Nitzanimers DID act out of the plagues!      

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